Servicing & Repairs


At SPR Plumbing and Heating Limited, we proudly offer our customers in Southampton and surrounding areas a comprehensive boiler servicing and repair service undertaken by our Gas Safe registered engineers.

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient boiler that is regularly serviced and maintained to keep running smoothly. Therefore, our Gas Safe engineers are on hand to carry out a full range of boiler services, including:

• Boiler servicing – inspect, clean and check your boiler to ensure it runs efficiently and safely.

• Boiler repairs – to identify and rectify any faults that may be causing your boiler to stop working.

• Boiler replacement – to ensure that a new unit replaces your boiler as quickly and efficiently as possible.

• Boiler installation – to fit a new boiler according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Total central heating cleanse and flush utilising a Magna Cleansing Filtration Unit with appropriate chemicals. 

Why choose SPR Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Accredited installer

We are Worcester Bosch accredited installers that can offer a range of exclusive benefits.

Gas Safe engineers

We are your local Gas Safe engineers and you can verify us by clicking here.

Competitive pricing

We always aim for our pricing for all the services that we offer, to be as competitive.

Amazing local reviews

We have amazing reviews from our previous customers in the Southampton area.

What are the benefits of an annual boiler service?

At SPR Plumbing and Heating Limited, we understand the importance of regular boiler servicing and maintenance. Our Gas Safe engineers are highly trained and experienced in delivering a reliable and efficient boiler service that ensures your home is safe and warm all year round.

1. Improved efficiency – Regular servicing helps to keep your boiler running at optimum efficiency, ensuring you don’t have to waste money on unnecessarily high energy bills.

2. Extended lifespan – Regular servicing can extend the life of your boiler, saving you the cost of an expensive replacement when your boiler eventually needs replacing.

3. Improved safety – Regular servicing helps identify potential safety issues, ensuring that your boiler is operating safely and reducing the risk of potential hazards caused by an inefficient and outdated system.

What are the signs that your boiler needs a repair

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it’s time to consider to getting your boiler repaired:

1. Unusual noises or smells coming from the boiler

2. Poor heating or hot water performance

3. A pilot light that won’t stay lit

4. Leaking or pooling water around the boiler

5. An increase in energy bills

6. The boiler is constantly cycling on and off

7. The boiler pilot light is yellow instead of blue

8. The boiler pressure is too low or too high

9. Boiler frequently locking out or requiring resetting

What happens during a boiler service?


Visual Inspection

Our Gas Safe engineer at SPR Plumbing & Heating, will check that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements and look for any corrosion or leaks. They will also visually check the flame in your boiler.


Removal of boiler casing

Our engineers will then check the components to ensure everything is working correctly and then clean the inside of the boiler. These checks should include the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe. Also cleaning out of the condense trap,and any system filter installed


Check the flue

Following on from point 2, our engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.


Gas pressure check

Our engineer will ensure that your boiler is working at the correct pressure. Not only will pipework and seals be examined for leaks but the pressure will be checked.


Fire up the boiler

This allows our engineer to check for any working faults. The flame on your boiler should burn blue, so any change to this could identify a potential issue. Boiler Flue Analyser Check will be completed at this point to test the combustion emission levels of the appliance,measuring the Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide,CO/CO2 ratio.


Final Checks

Central heating water consistency tested for inhibitor percentage levels and topped up where necessary to keep protecting and maintaining efficiency of the system and boiler at its absolute maximum. If you’re a landlord, it is a legal requirement to have a Gas Safety check at any property that you intend to let. A Gas Safety Record (also referred to as a CP12 or Gas Safety Certificate) is what your Gas Safe Engineer will present you with following the gas safety check.